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Our Truths

At WELTWEIT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE in Sunrise, Florida, we hold to these truths: Our highest purpose is education, and there is no better education than one that is truly committed to people's success, developing the intellectual capacity, creativity and professionalism of our students immersing them in a rich diversity of human experience and aspiration, preparing the future of our world while adding to the knowledge base of humankind.


Our Approach to Education

At WELTWEIT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE's, our approach is to model our programs after US medical curricula and teaching principles. This involves 3 separate but related ideas:

Faculty Approach

Integrate five terms of the Foundations of Medicine | Utilize our relationship with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital | Provide students the skills they need to practice medicine | Incorporate established learning principles | Improve our curriculum as changes in medical knowledge occur | Embrace the values of the medical profession.

Student Learning Approach

Construct courses that guide students to mastery of their objective | Utilize tools to ensure students meet required objectives | Administer exams that properly assess student preparedness | Evaluate the student's capability to solve problems and exhibit professionalism | Provide multi-disciplinary Problem Based Learning cases in all courses | Maintain small group sessions | Begin clinical exposure in the first week | Develop clinical skills | Track relevant cases throughout the term

Medical Students Attending Lecture


At WELTWEIT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE we provide our students with a scientific foundation for further medical education and equip each student for a lifetime of learning, research and/or clinical care and community service. Our faculty will comprise of both full time and visiting faculty who address the curriculum in interdisciplinary blocks that present the Foundations of Medicine in a clinical context co-directed by basic science and clinical faculty. The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and clinical staff will become an integral part of our team and are significant contributors to our success. We are proud to have some of the finest educators from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and around the globe as our distinguished faculty at WELTWEIT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE.