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Information for Applicants

Applications to WELTWEIT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE in Sunrise, Florida will vary based on student backgrounds. Before you begin the supplication process, review this information on what your specific needs will be.

Applicants from the United States

Individuals who graduated from a US high school may apply directly to Weltweit School Of medicine"s Pre-Medical program. Transcripts from all secondary schools attended are required as part of the admissions process. For admission purposes, Weltweit School Of Medicine accepts scores from both the College Board (SAT) and the American College Testing Service (ACT).

International (Non-US) Applicants

Applicants from nations outside the United States must have their educational credentials evaluated by World Education Services (WES) an accredited member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. See our application page for more details. Once the WES evaluation of your academic credentials has been received, a decision on your application for admission can be made. Accepted applicants whose previous academic work is determined to be equivalent to courses in the Pre-Medical curriculum will be granted credit for those courses and exempted from taking courses that cover topics and disciplines the student has mastered. You must complete the WELTWEIT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Pre-Medical Program application in addition to the WES application.

Notice to International Applicants:

Because all medical school clerkships are in the United States, no students will be considered for matriculation into any WELTWEIT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE program from countries that are under sanctions by the United States Government or have Travel Advisories listed by the United States Government website. These sanctions and/or travel advisories may restrict a student's ability to obtain the required Visa for entry into the United States to perform their clerkships.